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Eastern Bluebird (Sialia sialis)

G    The Eastern Bluebird is a member of the thrush family, as is the Robin.

G    Adult males are a dark blue color on their head, back, wings and tail. They are a reddish-brown color on their chin and breast. Their belly is white.

G    Adult females are a duller bluish-gray color on the head, dull brown on their back and blue on the tail and wings. They are a light reddish-brown on the chin and breast. Their belly is white.

G    The Eastern Bluebird is found throughout the eastern US and southern Canada.

G    Eastern Bluebirds overwinter in the south and generally return north to New York in early to mid-March.

New York State Bluebird Society

Bluebird Nest Boxes

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At one time, bluebirds were among the most prevalent songbirds in America but their numbers have decreased by about 90% since the early-1900’s, due to shortages of nesting cavities, pesticide use, and competition from house sparrows and starlings.

Bluebird Conservation Poster

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Text Box: Help the New York 
State Bird increase its population—Mount Bluebird Nest Boxes on your property!

Build your own Nest Box with these Plans

A fun and educational family activity!

Gilwood Box

sparrow-resistant nest box plans

Peterson Box

sparrow-resistant nest box plans

Gilbertson Box

nest box made with PVC pipe

Mountain Bluebird Box

traditional nest box design