Erie County ENVIROTHON: March 30th & April 27th 2017

Program Information and Details

Erie County ENVIROTHON Workshop Details


·         The Envirothon Workshop & presentations will be held March 30th, 2017 at Elma Village Green / Senior Center in Elma.

·         The Workshop day is designed to help prepare students for the Envirothon competition and provide them with an opportunity to connect with and learn from local natural resource professionals.  At Workshop day, each team member will choose one Envirothon category (forestry, soils, aquatics, wildlife or current issue) and attend the workshop for that specific category.

·         The Workshop day includes an oral presentation by students in the afternoon.  Each team participating will be required to give a brief, five-minute oral presentation on this year’s current environmental issue.  Each team member is required to speak during the presentation.  The presentation counts as part of the team’s overall Envirothon score; it will be added to the team’s overall score on competition day.  It is a great chance for students to practice using their oral presentation skills in a relaxed and non-formal atmosphere.

·         Teachers will receive reference information on this year’s current topic upon the return of the enclosed registration form.  Information on the current issue on which to base the oral presentation will be sent one month before the workshop (The State provides oral presentation information no earlier than that date).

·         Team alternates may participate at the Workshop day, although not during the oral presentation.

·         Final adjustments to a team roster can be made up until the end of the Workshop day.


Erie County ENVIROTHON Competition

·         The Erie County ENVIROTHON will be held April 27th, 2017 at Elma Village Green / Senior Center in Elma (same location as Workshop).

·         Student teams will compete for the highest score in the natural resource test categories at outdoor testing stations.

·         All alternates form “practice teams” and may participate at the competition to gain experience only (not awards).  During the testing, alternates may not switch with team members taking tests.

·         The winning team of students will be sponsored by the Erie County Soil and Water Conservation District to represent Erie County at the New York State Envirothon!

·         The Erie County Envirothon Competition will take place regardless of weather. Adverse weather is a realistic aspect of environmental and natural resource careers.  Please dress accordingly and remember to bring warm outdoor clothing and appropriate footwear.

·         Additional information is available online at


State ENVIROTHON Information

Only teams that have won their local Envirothon competition advance to the State-level Envirothon.  The NYS ENVIROTHON will be held for qualifying teams at the Hobart & William College, located in Geneva, New York, on May 24th & 25th, 2017.  A ten-minute oral presentation is required. The State Envirothon is an exciting and challenging experience, offering college scholarship opportunities for high-scoring teams.  More information is available online at 


National ENVIROTHON Information

State Envirothon champions will proceed to the North American Envirothon, the highest level of Envirothon competition. The 2017 North American Envirothon will be held on July 23rd-29th at Mount St. Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, Maryland. A fifteen-minute oral presentation is required. Additional information on the North American Envirothon is available online at



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