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1. Agricultural Environmental Management

Agricultural Environmental Management (AEM) is a voluntary state program offered to help improve management of local farm land, water supply, and environmental conditions. The program is run through the Erie County Soil and Water Conservation District and offers technical, educational, and financial resources. This assistance provides response to essential environmental needs while providing farms and communities with cost effective improvements. AEM is implemented to achieve the best sustainable farming practices for each individual farm and increase profitability while improving the condition of the surrounding environments. 

In order to demonstrate that AEM long term goals and objectives are being meet and that local resource concerns and agricultural issues are being effectively addressed, the Erie County Soil and Water Conservation District has developed an AEM Strategic Plan to guide the program in Erie County.  The plan identifies the necessary administrative, technical and financial resources necessary to carry out AEM in Erie County.

AEM Strategic Plan 2015-2020


2. NYS Agricultural Nonpoint Source Pollution Abatement & Control Grant Program

This grant program was established in 1994 by the State of New York to assist farmers in preventing water pollution from agricultural activities by providing technical assistance and financial incentives. County Soil and Water Conservation Districts apply for the competitive grants on behalf of farmers and coordinate funded activities. Grants can cost-share up to 75% of project costs or more if farm owners or operators contribute, in the following two areas:

1. Planning; funds awarded to conduct environmental planning

2. Implementation; funds awarded to construct or apply management practices

3. Best Management Practice

Protecting and improving the quality of Erie County’s water resources is one of the main objectives of the Soil and Water Conservation District.  The implementation of Best Management Practices (BMPs) throughout the County are aimed at decreasing transfer of soil and nutrients to our water resources. The Erie County Soil and Water Conservation District provides technical assistance in the planning and design of erosion control practices, and many Agricultural BMPs.  All of these activities help to protect our water and soil resources.

4. Agricultural Interests Links

Information on:

  • Agricultural Tax Relief
  • Agri-Tourism
  • Air Quality
  • Biofuels
  • Biosecurity
  • Conservation Easements
  • Energy Conservation
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Farmland Protection
  • Feed Management
  • Fishery Habitat Management
  • Forest Management




  • Grassland Farming
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Manure Treatment Options
  • Nuisance Wildlife Control
  • Organic Farming
  • Pollution Credit Trading
  • Right to Farm
  • Stream Management
  • Water Conservation
  • Wellhead Protection
  • Wetland Conservation
  • Wildlife Habitat Improvement